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Fast Facts 

Type:‭ Sauropod Dinosaur
Diet: Herbivore.
Size: Estimated ‬15‭ ‬meters long.
Protection status: Extinct.
Like with many sauropod dinosaurs,‭ ‬Agustinia‭ ‬is known from incomplete remains.‭ ‬Some of these remains however revealed a startling revelation in that this sauropod had what appeared to be armour along its back similar in appearance to the plates of Stegosaurus,‭ ‬a herbivorous but completely different kind of dinosaur.‭ ‬This is in particular reference to the plates that would have been on the back of the neck of Agustinia,‭ ‬although these plates were at a right angle to‭ ‬how they would have been‭ ‬arranged‭ ‬in Stegosaurus which means that from the side they would have looked thin,‭ ‬but from the front you would have seen the full shape.‭ However, later studies now suggest that this plates are actually fragments of the ribs and hips, and if this is true, then Agustinia did not have armoured plates.

       The phylogenetic position of Agustinia has been difficult to establish as the few bones known for the genus display a combination of diplodocid and titanosaurid features.‭ ‬To make things even more difficult both of these groups of dinosaurs are known to have roamed South America during the Cretaceous.‭ ‬Agustinia was first named in‭ ‬1998‭ ‬as Augustia,‭ ‬but this was later found to have already been used for another creature,‭ ‬hence the change to Agustinia in‭ ‬1999.